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Not only am I available as a music producer at Influx Studios in Bern (, but am also available for music composition and production work for projects such as film, TV and game scores, advertising or other artistic endeavours. I can work in many different creative areas, whether your project requires a modern and electronic flare, orchestral or epic soundscapes or moving piano pieces. I like to approach each project knowing that it will be different from the last, and challenge myself to create something unique with my collaborators. Below you will find some examples of what I can do.

SRF 3 Radio ID 2023

“SRF 3 Jingles are based around pop music. We were on the hunt for new radio IDs and wanted moody, relaxed yet poignant sounds. Jessiquoi gave us exactly what we wanted. She composed and produced a track which was designed for our more chilled-out radio catalogue and delivered different versions and lengths for our ease of use. Her style is distinctive and yet the ID she designed slots well into our SRF 3 sound landscape. ”

Mario Torriani, SRF 3

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Music and sound design for MySports TV Channel Idents 2020
«Jessiquoi has the talent to musically dive into any topic. The sounds she has developed for our sports tv network are up-to-date, high-quality and simply brilliant. They provide a distinctive and immediate identity for MySports.»
Sascha Graf, Creative Lead of MySports
For those looking for a classic touch:
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